man overboard

The man who can not swim and slowly sinks to the bottom of the ocean.


teacher: “why dont you tell the class a little bit about yourself”


(со страницы coffeeoctopus)




Some of these are too precious

the one with the dog tho

half the men in these pics are soo fuckable…

(Источник: owmeex из блога emloveisevol)


Some time ago I was approached by Neonmob -  a collectible digital art platform where anyone can discover new art and grow personal collections of limited-edition content created by artists from around the world.

I created an art set for the platform, which was a great commission as I was given all the creative freedom I needed to have fun.

The idea of Deadly Sins has been floating inside my head for a while, but instead of creating something dark and gloomy I decided to add an epic ingredient to the concoction - cats. This helped me create some artwork that was both dark and humorous (my favourite type). Also we thought that changing the rules never hurt anybody, and added an extra piece illustrating the eight sin! Yes, I definitely made it up myself.

I am only publishing 50% of the collection, the full set can be collected here!
And here’s a little fun interview I did.

Thanks for watching ^_^

Also, here are some links:

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